How To Pay Rent Monthly In Ghana

Have you ever wanted to pay rent monthly in Ghana? Today I’ll show you how.

Pay Rent Monthly In Ghana With Renmo



What is Renmo?

Renmo is a service that lets anyone pay for rent on a monthly basis. You basically get your rent paid in full to your landlord. Then you pay Renmo every month.

Typically, you need to pay rent in full. Most landlords in Ghana prefer this way. Trying to convince a landlord to accept payment on a monthly basis will yield no results. I guess it’s because of the popular “cash and carry” saying we all go by.

But I believe the smart thing as a landlord will be to accept monthly payments, a relatively higher fee. This way, you can at least be sure you’re still getting what you deserve for your apartment. Until this becomes the norm, platforms like Renmo are here to the rescue. Let’s dive in!

How It Works

  1. Signup and apply for an account on the Renmo website

  2. Sign in to the platform and complete the application process

3. As you progress through each stage, you can track your progress


Pay rent monthly in Ghana

What Are The Requirements?

You’ll be asked to provide the following information in order to continue the process:

  • Employment status: To determine if you’re a salaried worker
  • Monthly income: To determine how much you earn
  • Rent amount per month: To determine how much your rent costs
  • ID card: For verification
  • Bank statement: To check your income flow
  • Location of apartment or place you want to rent
  • Landlord details: To verify the owner of the apartment

What Next?

Once you provide all this info, it takes a few days for them to respond to you. When your application is approved, a rep from Renmo will contact you via phone.

They’ll book a date to meet you and the landlord to discuss the payment. Note that you won’t be given the rent money. It will be paid directly to the landlord. So make sure you are dealing with the right owner of the apartment.

Also, they only make digital payments. No cash payment. This is to ensure that there’s a record of the payment. 


When Is The Payment Made?

This depends on when they meet your landlord. Once the landlord agrees, payment can be made on the same day (This was my experience). 
Payment doesn’t take long once everything checks out.


Pay Rent Monthly In Ghana – Ready To Start?

You get paid monthly. It only makes sense to pay your rent monthly. Renmo makes this possible. Signup today and enjoy the freedom. 

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