New Feature – Group Invites

WhatsApp is bringing in more changes to the features on the instant messaging app. The latest is the option of giving users the choice to be either be included in groups by others or not. Currently, anyone could add you into their WhatsApp group wtihout your consent. But now, if someone wants to add your number to a group, they will have to seek your permission first. But this feature is only available on the beta version WhatsApp Beta and that too on iOS devices only. WhatsApp will regularize the feature later, after the function is tested on the beta versions.

The new feature allows the users to set the WhatsApp settings by following the route: Settings>>Account>>Privacy>>Groups

PS: This feature is currently only available for Beta testers of WhatsApp.

Here under Groups, you will find the option of ‘who can add me to groups’ and there are three choices here: the first is Everyone, then My Contacts and lastly Nobody. The first option is what everyone has now. In the second option, those in your phone’s contact list will have the permission to add your name to any group they may form. But if you choose the last one, Nobody, then the group admin will have to send you an invitation to join the grou,p which will be kept open for 72 hours. If you don’t take any action on the invitation, then it lapses.

WhatsApp is adding the facility to archive group chats as well. This is another step taken by WhatsApp is to bring WhatsApp Business to iOS users of the messaging apps. It is already working for Android users. Using this facility, businesses are permitted to be in touch with the consumers on the WhatsApp platform. This may involve their sending out periodical messages on new launches or other information. This may also be left to the users to control so that it does not become a privacy issue later. Universal release of this feature may be done in due course.

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