Make Money From Your WhatsApp Status and Social Media Account – Updated 2023

Learn how to monitize your WhatsApp Status with ease.

How to monetize your social media account and WhatsApp Status

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Get started – Make money with your WhatsApp Status


If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc, it’s time to monetize your accounts. Get paid when you share Ad links on your social media accounts today!

Do you get paid when you post something on your social media accounts? Well this app is changing how we use social media. Imagine getting paid each time you post something on your account. 



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FastAd – The app that lets you make money from your social media account and even WhatsApp Status

You can download FastAd for Android and iOS.

Download for Android:

Download for iPhone:

Use the website:


Are you a Business or a Marketer?

Difference between Marketer and Business

Marketer: A marketer is the user that posts Ad links on their social media accounts and gets paid for doing so. These Ads are submitted by the Businesses on the app. This means the Businesses are the ones paying the Marketers posting for them

Business/Advertiser: A business/advertiser is one who posts his business/product/service on the platform for Marketers to post on their social media accounts.

How much does it cost to upload an Ad as a Business?

As a business, you just need to select one of the subscriptions from your account. You’ll then be able to upload your Ad flyer on the app for Marketers to share for you.

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How it works 

  • Login
  • Tap on the share icon on any Ad
  • Share Ad link to any of your social media account or WhatsApp status
  • Get paid when people click on your Ad link, and log in to the app
  • Cash out when you earn Ghs10/KSh190/N 660 or more

How to get paid

Once your Ad link is clicked/tapped on, the app pays into your wallet. This happens when the person who clicked your link logs in to the app or website. All this happens automatically.

Tips and tricks

Here are some few tips I recommend and use myself in order to maximum your earnings on the app

  • Download the Ad image before sharing
  • Add the Ad image to your shared link
  • Use a very catch caption when posting on social media, or WhatsApp Status.
  • This motivates people to click. Remember the more clicks, the more you earn.
  • Share your link and the Ad image in large Facebook groups, Telegram channels and WhatsApp groups
  • Share as many Ads as you can


Create a free account

You can download for Android and iOS and setup your account

Download for Android:

Download for iPhone:

Use the website:



  1. Pls I have 2k views on my WhatsApp status and more but I don’t get paid, what should I do to start getting paid pls

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