Instagram Shadowban And How To Fix It

Instagram Shadowban is real and here's how to avoid it and fix it. It's a simple solution that anyone can follow.

Instagram Shadowban

Instagram has grown to become one of the most used and engaging social media platforms. Businesses now turn to Instagram when they want to showcase a new product or service.

This is largely due to how easy it is to post a photo and get instant feedback. It’ll be a surprise to not find a business on Instagram nowadays.

Due to its popularity, people tend to spam on the platform a lot. And I mean A LOT. The platform has thus put in measures to curb this spam menace. Spam here could refer to a number of things including but not limited to: hate speech, pornographic content, abusive language or photos, etc.

In the wake of this, Instagram occasionally updates its algorithm to cater for this. One of these measures is the almighty Shadowban.

Let me give you a scenario: you have about 1000 followers. When you post a photo or video, you get around 20 to 100 likes. Perfectly normal. That’s assuming your average post engagement is about 8% to 10%.

All of a sudden, when you post, your engagement suddenly drops. This continues for the next 3 to 5 posts. You begin to wonder why. That’s Shadowban in progress.

How Instagram Shadowban Works

Instagram Shadowban basically does one thing: it stops showing your posts to users. It means you’re essentially not getting the reach you’re supposed to.

What Causes Shadowban?

The main cause of Shadowban is when you use a blacklisted hashtag in your posts.

This ban however is transient and can be lifted. You need to keep posting quality content to avoid being shadow-banned; don’t buy followers or rely on bot programs for better engagement as well.

How To Fix Instagram Shadowban

# Look for any posts, comments or media that could have raised the red flag and remove it.

# De-link third-party programs that could have led to the ban. This can include bots or an automation software that infringes on Instagram’s Terms of service.

# Don’t use repetitive, banned or too many hashtags in your posts.

# Remove hashtags from posts that were shadow-banned

# Take a break from Instagram for about two to three days. During this break, do not post, like, comment or reply to anything. This will give IG algorithms the impression that you are human.

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Download Banned Hashtags And Keywords PDF – Free

Instagram has a list of words that triggers a Shadowban on the platform. The list keeps growing as people introduce new spam words on the platform. I’ve compiled a huge number of this in a document. Knowing which hashtags to avoid really helps to avoid getting Shadowbanned.

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