How to Link Your Ghana Card to Your Bank Account

NOTE: Double check all links to ensure you’re on your bank’s actual website. I’ve crossed checked them but just double-check as well. You can never be too careful when it comes to banking details online.

The Government Directive

As of today, 1st July 2022, all banks (and some apps) require you to update your info with your Ghana Card details in order to process transactions.

According to this article from MyJoyOnline, banks have been authorized to restrict users from making any debit transactions if the user’s info has not been updated with their Ghana card details.

Getting your bank details updated with your Ghana card is pretty easy. I’ve personally updated my details with these banks (Ecobank and Standard Chartered), and it went smoothly.


The process is similar for most banks:

  1. Visit the Ghana Card page of your bank using the links below
  2. Enter your bank details. This is usually your account number
  3. Upload the front and bank photos of your Ghana card. Some banks require a selfie in addition
  4. Wait for a confirmation message. Some banks send an email to verify that your details have been captured successfully 


How to Verify Your Bank

It’s also been reported that scammers are using fake links to extort details from people. Here’s a simple way to verify if you’re on your bank’s website when submitting your details. I’m going to use Ecobank as an example here.

First, check that there’s the padlock icon on the web page url as shown. Click on the padlock icon. We’re going to check more details about the site’s security:


Next click on the “Connection is secure section” to expand the option. Then click on “Certificate is valid” to open a new window.


Finally, click to expand the Details pane to view the full details about the site’s SSL certificate. This is simple way to verify that you are indeed on the right website for your bank. Do this for all the links shared in this post. 


How to link your Ghana card to your bank

Here are the links for the various banks in Ghana, that you can use to upload your Ghana card.

Access Bank

Cal Bank

Consolidated Bank

Ecobank Ghana

Fidelity Bank

FBN Bank

Guaranteed Trust Bank

Ghana Commercial Bank

Prudential Bank

Standard Chartered Bank
Use their apps on Apple Store or Google Play Store

Stanbic Bank

Zenith Bank

My Bank is Not Listed

I only listed banks whose links are public. Do drop a comment if your bank is not listed, and does have a link.
Kindly get in touch with your bank to enquire about how to update your details. Some banks may require you to call them over the phone or chat with them to sort you out.




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