How To Become A Web Designer – With Tools

Skills matter. Nobody pays you money for doing nothing. Learn one of the easiest skills in demand today.

Web Design As A Side Gig

Building websites has become pretty easy.

With the advent of Content Management Systems like WordPress, Website builders, frameworks and Artificial Intelligence, anyone can become a web designer.

The good news is that you don’t even need to know how to write HTML, CSS and Javascript. All you need is an idea of how you want your website to look like. The rest is up to your imagination.

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Tools Available

Many tools exist for anyone who wants to delve into this lucrative profession.

Learning HTML

To start with, you can go the usual route of learning basic HTML (the language of the web), along with CSS and Javascript. This method is intended for people who want to eventually become professional web designers. This however takes time real dedication to master. So if you’re willing to go this way, choice is yours.

Using a CMS

A Content Management System is a tool used to build and maintain websites. The most popular CMS is WordPress, powering a high percentage of websites online. Other examples include, but not limited to: Drupal, Joomla, Magento, among others.

CMSs are easy to use since you basically have a drag and drop interface to work with. The learning curve may however be steep for people, depending on which one you go with. In a later time, we’ll discuss more on how to use WordPress as a CMS to build a website.

Website Builders

These tools usually come pre-packaged in most cPanel interfaces. They’re similar to a CMS, but a bit easier to play with. They usually have templates to choose from. You then have the chance to edit it to suit your needs. Web builders can sometimes restrict you as you are tied to a template layout. So keep that in mind if that’s your choice.

Using Artificial Intelligence Tools

This method is probably the easiest in this list. It combines the power of all the tools above to give you a very great website building tool. Essentially, you feed the AI with info, and it gets to work. Info like: logo, photos and desired website layout. As a web designer, it’s made my work easier. A website that could take about a week, can be done in minutes! And this is not a joke.

If you want to learn how to use this new power tool, do well to join the upcoming AI Web Design Class. You’ll love the experience and knowledge. At least you’ll have a new skillset in your knowledge bank.

The Money Part

Now imagine you have all these tools at your disposal. It gives you a good playing ground to charge clients for websites. Typically, you can charge someone GHS5,000 for a website. The AI tool gives you an unlimited ability to create as many websites as you want, with one account. That means you can recoupe all your capital in just a month. The AI Web Design Class will also include some free bonus materials to help you on your digital journey as a web designer.

Bonus Free Material

The AI class includes tools that teach you digital marketing for free. Meaning you’ll be equipped with knowledge on how to market your website to gain clients. Here’s a preview of some of the free courses that come along with this AI class:

Excited to learn more? Go ahead and sign up for the class!

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