Edu-Marketing: How to Educate Your Customers – Part 1

Some of the primary roles Marketing plays is that it gives you reach, exposure and ultimately paying customers (the loyal ones). 

Now before you dive into any Marketing campaign, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my product a hot cake on the market?
  • Is my product/service hard to find?
  • Does my product do anything exceptional? 

If you answer to the above is a BIG YES, you may not need too much Marketing. But again, no product/service is below Marketing/Advertising.

If your answer to the above is a low-sounding YES or a slight NO, you need to rethink your Marketing tactics.

In Comes Edu-Marketing

What is Edu-Marketing?

Imagine seeing a bread toaster for the first time in your life. Unless you are told what it does, and how it makes your bread even more enjoyable, you’re less likely to purchase it. Getting knowledge about how a product/service works before making a buying decision falls under Edu-Marketing.

Now put yourself in the place of the seller of the toaster. How will you go about convincing the first-timer to buy it? Will you just go straight to the point and say: ”Buy it?”.
Or would you rather take them through an experience where they get to know why they might need a toaster; how the toaster works; the benefits it’ll bring them?
Sharing these info and more is what Edu-Marketing is about.

Another Way of Looking at Edu-Marketing

Say you invent a new product that know one has seen or heard of before. Or even consider that you want to start a new business in a niche that everyone is familiar with. In both scenarios, you want to position yourself as knowledgeable when it comes to that product/service. A customer is more likely to buy from your when they get the sense that you’re an expert in the field/market/niche you’re in.

As a business, you first action should always be to educate first, engage second and sell last. People buy from brands they know and trust. One way to build that rapport is to educate those you intend to sell to.
In the coming series, we’ll have a look at some brands that use this marketing strategy.

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