Hi there. Kofi Adjei is my name. But you can call me geniusboy. Everyone does 😎

Adjei Kofi

I’m a Tech Blogger, Web Developer, Social Media Strategist and an aspiring Billionaire (Yes it’s also a profession πŸ™„)

I love technology, and all things that can integrate with technology. I started this blog as a way to promote small startups that are utilizing technology in providing their services: websites, apps, innovative services and more. If you need me to feature your product or service, simply fill the form on the submit page. It’ll be published on the site in no time.


You can follow me on social media for more updates and goodies. Occassionally I’ll be posting some cool free stuff here. So be sure to keep an eye on the blog. You can subscribe to the free newsletter for quick updates as we.

Let’s be great together. Check out our new project Digi Author (www.digiauthor.net)  – It’s a creative marketplace for digital products where you can share your knowledge and earn some income as well. It’s pretty cool. Do well to check it out.

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