4 Ways To Reach New Customers On Social Media

These 4 techniques will teach you how to reach new people on social media.

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For any business that has an online presence, catering to your target demographic is one thing, but reaching new people requires a lot more effort.

There are over 3.50 billion global social media users. That means 80% of the world’s internet users are on at least one social media platform.

So, any business has huge potential to get its brand message heard.

In this article, we’ll look at 4 unique ways that you can use social media channels to reach new people and hopefully convert them into customers for your business.

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1. Go Live With Special Guests

Why should you go live on social media?

Live video has been proven to be more engaging than other forms of social content. People tend to engage with it more than they would with other content types.

For example, 80% would rather watch a live video than read a brand’s blog.

Have a look at these stats from livestream.com

Reach more people with live videos

Going live is a very great way to get interactive with your audience. It brings them into your business world which further strengthens your customer relationship.

2. Create or Join Social Media Groups

Social media groups are a fantastic resource for any business looking to reach new people.

Reach people with Facebook groups

You can either host your own group or join existing ones.

This approach helps to establish your brand as an authority in your field. Make sure the group you join or create targets a specific group of audience in your niche market.
For instance, it won’t make sense to mingle with people in the beauty niche when your product/service is about tech.

Some points to note when joining or creating a group:

  • Respect the community/group
  • Post relevant content
  • Avoid spamming
  • Befriend admins (if you join a group)
  • Adhere to the group rules

3. Invest In Influencer Marketing

Like it or not, influencer marketing works!

Influencer marketing
Addicted to likes

Build relationships with influencers. Make them affiliates or brand ambassadors, and continuously tap into their audiences as they continue to grow your audience with you.

You’ll need to identify a handful of influencers that are right for your brand and have an engaged following. It’s good to create a campaign with them if you hope to launch a new product or build awareness fast, but establishing a deep business relationship with them is best.

4. Partner up

Businesses are better when they work together. Find a partner brand that has a similar audience to yours.
Once you’ve done so, begin to explore ways in which you can work together on a social heavy campaign.

This type of collaboration often comes back to a brand’s mission and vision.

Find businesses that have the capacity to build a great brand awareness campaign with your brand. Reach their audience, pick up positive press and make an impact along the way.

So there you go! Try out these unique techniques and watch your audience rolling in. Don’t wow them on every encounter.

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