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hi there. the journey begins here. let’s learn and improve by knowledge, while making money at the same time. i’m a web developer (front-end) and techprenuer. if you want to learn how to grow in business, money making and tech news, then you are at the right place. 😃

it’s gonna be an awesome journey with me – i promise.


Making money is easy. You just have to find out “the how”.

– Adjei Kofi

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How To Make Money From Your WhatsApp Status

WhatsAd - It's time to start making money using your WhatsApp Status   How often do you open WhatsApp and check the status section to see what your friends posted? I'm guessing it's very often. Do you get paid when you post something on your WhatsApp status? Well this...

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Hubtel Plugin For WordPress

What Is Hubtel? Hubtel is a platform that enables businesses to sell their products and engage with customers easily. Part of their offering is a payment gateway that anyone can integrate into their online application or website. This plugin helps you to integrate...

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